Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy (“Policy”) will govern request to cancel the order on your transaction related to any of the product(s) (“Product”) ordered or purchased by buyer (referred to as “Buyer(s)”, you, your, user(s), customer(s) etc.) from Our (“Organisation”, organization, company, us, using the Platform.

We understand sometimes for some genuine reason you have to cancel the order made on the portal and with us. Cancellation Policy applies once you have successfully made the order and we have received the same at our end. The cancellation option is available at your end once order is executed from your end but before packaging and dispatch from our end. However, in case we have made the shipment or taken a reasonable part of the same to be executed we will not be able to cancel the order and the option left to you is return or exchange or refund as applicable in your case.

For this Policy to be applicable and effective the user has to comply and keep in consideration the following aspects:

  1. Cancellation is applicable only within 24 hours of order placed to us. In case the organization feels it a fit case to cancel order and has option to cancel and accept the request by user it will inform user and accept cancellation
  2. In case the shipment or package has been packed or has been packed and couriered at maximum he can return by communication with the delivery person and without receiving the consignment he may cancel the transaction at receiving end.
  3. In case a packaging is done or is out for delivery from organizational end part cancellation is never possible in which the user has the option to receive the product and return or exchange in later
  4. Organization if feels suitable and proper will deduct a certain amount arising out of the transaction which will be purely and genuinely because of the commercial cost involved in such transaction. We assure it will be updated to the user in every such cases along-with reason and
  5. Exchange or Refund whatever will be fit and applicable the organization will keep the user intimated

This policy forms part of Terms and Conditions Policy and unless you understand and agree this policy, please do not accept the Terms and Conditions Policy.

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