Where does Your T-Shirt Come from?

Have you ever wondered where the T-shirt that you are wearing, or wear, comes from? Or have you ever questioned what the t shirt manufacturers do ‘behind the screens’ to give you the final product? Quite honestly speaking, regular things that you use, like your T-shirt, are barely worthy of these thoughts, but in this blog, we will invoke your imagination and let you think and learn from where that favorite T-shirt of yours comes from.

Gathering The Cotton Balls

Cotton is a commonly grown crop in most countries and is even majorly used for making clothes in the market. Thus, this cotton has to be accumulated from the cotton plantations and is taken to the factories to turn it into cotton threads. Several plantation workers worked hard to collect good quality cotton before these were used by the t shirt manufacturers to make their range of T-shirts.

Making The Cotton Threads

Once the bales of cotton are cleaned of the cotton seeds and residuals, they are transferred to the thread-making factory. Here, the workers further clean the cotton and use their hands and machines to weave the cotton balls into fine and sturdy cotton threads. Colors are often mixed to give the threads different shades. These threads are then used by the t shirt manufacturer to make the most comfortable T-shirts.

Weaving The T-shirts

The wholesale t shirt suppliers either buy from a T-shirt manufacturer or make their own T-shirts for selling and distribution in the market. However, before doing so, they make sure that the company uses only top-quality threads woven into big and wide cotton sheets that are dyed. The shirt manufacturer keeps the designs and measurements ready beforehand, and as per that, the T-shirts are cut out, designed, stitched, and packed for delivery. The wholesale clothes market is quite promising, and that is why these cotton T-shirts are in high demand.

Packing The T-shirts

Before the products are ready for dispatch or online purchase, these are tagged with price tags, packed in plastic packets, and stored away from heat and moisture. Most of these wholesale garments are put in a carton for delivery to bigger retailers or storehouses.

Marketing Of The Products

The t shirt wholesaler in Kolkata makes it a point to use amazing marketing strategies to publicize and sell their T-shirts to potential buyers. They also decide upon the wholesale t shirt price list so that there is no disparity during distribution.

The top t shirt manufacturer surveys the market to get hold of the high-grade cotton threads to give you the best quality T-shirts. The T-shirts carry a brand name and give you the desired comfort, fashion, and style. So, go ahead and wear your favorite T-shirt, brought to you by the top t shirt manufacturers in Kolkata, while you celebrate the hard toil of so many laborers.

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