What Type of Fabric is Used to Make T-Shirts?

Changing fashion trends have caused the production of t-shirts in a variety of fabrics. Whether you wish to buy full sleeve t-shirts, v neck t-shirts for men, or even fashionable boys t-shirts, etc., you can get them easily with t-shirt manufacturers or with a t-shirt wholesaler.

But what distinguishes the best t-shirt manufacturers or t-shirt wholesalers from the rest? It depends on the major factor that people consider before purchasing any garment- the fabric! People would refuse to pay money for an item that does not match up to their quality expectations and effectiveness.

What are the Different Types of Fabrics Used to Make T-Shirts?

1. Polyester

A synthetic fabric, polyester is commonly used to manufacture sports t-shirts. Given its qualities of drying up fast and flexibility, it is a popular choice among athletes and gym-goers.

Another reason why any t-shirt manufacturer chooses this fabric is that its designs remain better attached to it than any other fabric. Polyester t-shirts are not even prone to shrinking or losing elasticity after a wash.

2. Cotton

As a common fabric type used for producing wholesale t-shirts by t-shirt manufacturers, cotton is rightly known as the “king of all fabrics.” This all-season material is perfect for summer because of its breathable and comfortable nature. Cotton is used to create casual full sleeve t-shirts or v neck t-shirts for men.

There are four types of cotton fabric- organic, slub, combed, and Pima. Overall, the greater percentage of cotton in your t-shirt, the greater comfort and absorption qualities it will have.

3. Polyester-Cotton Blend

Since polyester and cotton are both great choices, what would it result in after a balanced combination? It would give you the best of both worlds. A poly-cotton blended t-shirt fabric is also comparatively cheaper than pure cotton fabrics.

Any t-shirt manufacturer or t-shirt wholesaler recommends poly-cotton t-shirts to its customers because they do not lose shape quickly, even after multiple washes, and hold their shape effectively.

4. Linen

Another fabric naturally found is linen, which is perfect for summer wear. Although it is not a common choice because it is not great for printed designs, people are fond of linen because of its extreme breath ability and moisture-absorbing quality.

Synthetic or Natural Fabrics: Which is a Better Choice?

Synthetic fabrics are those made by man, and they are a great backup for natural fabrics whose fibres are naturally present. If you want t-shirts with long-lasting elasticity and quick-drying, then synthetic fabrics might be the one for you. But, if you want to stick to natural t-shirts, then the natural fabric is the one for you.


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