What Equipment are Needed to Make a T-shirt?

Whether we are talking about a t-shirt start-up or a fully functional business, six pieces of equipment are definitely needed. In the following paragraphs of this blog, you will be learning in detail about the equipment that would turn a simple fabric into a smart and trendy t-shirt. Let’s begin!


The raw materials like the fabric, threads, and buttons are accumulated first. Following this, the designs of the t-shirts are to be kept ready. The workers are given the design and the t-shirt cutters, and the workers cut the fabric. The required design for the t-shirts is fed into the cutter, and stencils are created for screen prints. The cutters cut out the fabric according to the design fed to the cutter program. Then, using the sewing machine, they stitch the neckline and the other openings of the t-shirt, and finally, the buttons are sewn. If the t-shirt does not require any graphic printing, they are packed up in plastic bags and sealed tight. However, if the t-shirts have to be printed, some other equipment is required.


One of the six vital pieces of equipment to make a t-shirt is a printer. With the help of a printer, you can opt for many services. Inkjet, laser, sublimation, and solvent are the four types of printers usually used by t-shirt manufacturers. Solvent printers are the most preferred for graphic t-shirts, but since they are quite expensive, they can be used by only a big business house. Start-ups and small businesses can even use a traditional printer.


A PC or a MacBook is required to use the graphics and get them ready for printing. Moreover, computers have several functions like tracking payments, delivery, orders, etc. Still, the foremost use of a computer in making a t-shirt would be for designing the graphics programs using CorelDraw and Photoshop. Such applications are great for customizing and designing images, arts, one-liners, etc.

Transfer Paper:

Once you have the graphics or the photo for printing on the t-shirt ready, you need to keep in handsome top-quality transfer paper. First, you will have to transfer the images on the transfer paper, and next, you will require a heat press to transfer the images on the t-shirt.

Heat Press:

You require this equipment to transfer the image or the photo from the transfer paper to the t-shirt. So, you have to take the t-shirt, lay it flat on a heat-resistant surface, and put the transfer paper on it. Take the heat press and iron the backside of the transfer paper, and in no time, the image will be printed on the t-shirt.

Tagging Guns:

To tag the price tags, you need to use a tagging gun. This is also quite easy to use.

So, these six pieces of vital equipment are essential to make a t-shirt or many, in that case. With time, you can easily acquire and use them to expand your t-shirt business just like the way the big t-shirt manufacturers do!

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