The Geographical and Economic Journey of a T-shirt

Your wardrobe must be budding with numerous wears starting from modern to traditional garments, formals to casuals. Amidst all the garments that you come to possess, a T-shirt has surely found its way into your wardrobe as a personal purchase through the online t-shirt stores or as a gift bought from one of the top t shirt manufacturers in Kolkata. But how often have you thought about its journey through the ages? Won't that be really awesome to know besides knowing how the t shirt manufacturers are contributing in this age-old journey of a T-shirt?

The Geographical Origin and Journey of a T-shirt

Let us consider the T-shirt to be a traveler as this would make the story of its journey interesting! So, the T-shirt had started its journey long ago as a slip-on garment without buttons. A t shirt manufacturer in Kolkata says we can trace its origin sometime between the 1898 Spanish-American War and 1904. The Cooper Underwear Company first advertised it for a magazine, introducing a new range of products for bachelors. However, the wholesale t shirt suppliers believe that this range of clothing was meant for all men. Since then, the T-shirt has acquired many passports in its kitty and has travelled the globe, reaching every destination. The t shirt market reveres T-shirts because of their history and the place it has made in the customers’ hearts. Thus, the T-shirt has travelled from the United States of America to give you the ultimate casual wear.

The Economic Journey of a T-shirt

The purpose for inventing a T-shirt was originally restricted to ward off cold and as a part of the overall full-body innerwear. Though it was made for the soldiers, the people who mostly came to wear them were the industrial workers. Consequently, the price of the garment was kept inexpensive. Yet as years passed by, the T-shirt evolved and there came in several varieties and designs (still made by the t shirt manufacturers). Additionally, the price of the T-shirt (even though sold as wholesale garments in Kolkata and everywhere) shot up and since it had to meet the market demands, it saw a huge leap in production, sales and profits. The t-shirt manufacturers across the globe began to benefit from it and the sales simply skyrocketed.

Some Interesting Facts About the T-shirt

  • The T-shirt owes its origin to the armed forces.
  • A T-shirt was initially worn as an undershirt.
  • Even movie stars like Marlon Brando flaunted a T-shirt.
  • France and Qatar hold the top positions for producing the most expensive and the largest T-shirts.

The Tirupur t shirt manufacturer has become quite famous owing to their legacy of keeping up with the journey of the T-shirt and also because they sell this garment in Tirupur at wholesale price. So, the next time you buy a T-shirt from a t shirt wholesaler. Certainly remember its geographical and economic journey.

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