How t-shirts Become the Most Expressive Garment of all Time?

Staying in Kolkata means being surrounded by an active number of fashion influences. However, have your daily staple garments ever nudged a thought in you? If you have wondered about the history of t-shirts while guessing about your nearest t-shirt wholesaler in Kolkata, then you are at the ideal place. This article is intended to acquaint you with the very origin of your closet staples. To acknowledge more about the same, keep reading!

T-shirts have turned out to be the most preferred garments that overall rock trends in today's date. The popularity acquired by t-shirts is definitely for a reason. This universal staple has come along a long way. Have you ever spared a minute thinking about how tees turned out to be such an iconic staple globally, and especially in American fashion and culture?

T-shirts were formerly produced as an undergarment. However, it has mutated into the most omnipresent item in apparel, and of course, one of the most credible and influential.

People who prefer wearing casual tees over other garments generally seek information regarding the Kolkata t-shirt manufacturers to feed their knowledge about the latest trends. If you are one of them, the bright history of this simple garment will undoubtedly intrigue your interest. So, let's catch a peek at how these simple tees transformed the fashion world and created its own garment decoration industry.

Any fashion lover staying in or near Kolkata will never miss an update regarding Tirupur, the hub of unique garments, mainly t-shirts. While searching for t-shirt manufacturers in Tirupur, if the thoughts of how t-shirts evolved have piqued your interest, then you are not alone. Almost every fashion lover who prefers styling tees in multiple ways wants to know how these garments evolved with time. This article serves the cause perfectly. Moving forward, we would discover more about the origin of t-shirts.

The Origin and History of T-shirts

The t-shirt we know today is undoubtedly an apparel staple. These simple garments are certainly profoundly ingrained in the fashion culture that the influence of t-shirts on fashion can hardly be forgotten. The origin of t-shirts records back to the belatedly 19th century. It began from laborers who formed their jumpsuits in half to keep cool in relatively more summery months of the year. The initial t-shirt was produced between the Mexican-American War in 1898 and 1913 when the U.S Navy began allotting them as standard undershirts.

Even after the actual term t-shirt was inducted into the pages of the English dictionary in 1920, F.Scot Fitzgerald was the first person who published the word t-shirt in his novel titled "This Side of Paradise."

Though the t-shirt was created in the early 20th century, it was seldom worn as anything besides an undershirt. Veterans typically wore a t-shirt tucked into their trousers post World War II. However, apart from that, t-shirts were almost exclusively used underneath regular clothes.

The famous Marlon Brando and James Dean became the two founding fathers who are responsible for the utter popularity of t-shirts in today's date as a stand-alone outerwear garment. They guaranteed that the t-shirt was identified not just as a stand-alone garment but also correlated with an act of revolt.

The Birth of Graphic T-shirts with T-shirt Printers

Around 1950, several companies located in Florida tried experimenting with the decoration of t-shirts. Later, an organization called Tropix Togs endured the first permit that approved printing Walt Disney characters. During this time, companies started to realize the profit that graphic t-shirts could bring in. In the late 1960s, screen printing was introduced along with other innovations to the print field that led to the t-shirt industry to what it is nowadays. The timely evolution of patterns, fabric, and printing techniques, above all, collectively made t-shirts to what they are today. If you wish to discover some of such latest printed t-shirts, all you need is to check out some of our wholesale t-shirts suppliers in Tirupur.

Why are T-shirts Considered the Best Medium for Conveying Messages?

Although graphic t-shirts started being popular after 1960, it was until the late'70s that t-shirts turned out to be a powerful medium for delivering powerful messages. The punk movement deserves the maximum credit for making t-shirts what it is today.

The increasing popularity of logoed t-shirts, along with the ones printed for protests during the Vietnam War, helped solidify the importance of t-shirts as a platform to deliver messages. The fluid nature of t-shirts offers a blank canvas that serves a broader appeal. T-shirts are considered as high fashion casual wear that can either look disruptive or unassuming according to how you flaunt it.


Concluding, t-shirts have not only turned out to be an American staple but an utterly essential garment that is preferred by people all over the world. Their unique ability to influence people and convey messages is why fashion lovers prefer styling them. These garments are undoubtedly the favored means for sharing messages ranging from cheery to rebellious and considering everything in between. This is precisely the reason why t-shirts are such a vital part of the wholesale garments in Kolkata. So, if you choose to flaunt these impressive pieces of art actively, all you need is to pay a visit!

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