How do Men Dress Up with a Simple T-shirt?

Have you ever wondered how some men tend to look fashionable even in something as plain and basic as t-shirts? If you know how to style your clothing the right way, even you can pull off looking effortlessly chic with a simple t-shirt. In this article, we’ve compiled a few ways in which you can dress up even with a t-shirt!

Pair it with Denim

The easiest way to look dressed up is by pairing your t-shirts with denim. If you’re unsure of what to wear, start with a white t-shirt and match it with blue, black, or stone-washed jeans. It’s laid-back and relaxed, exactly the look you’re going for. Plain tees or even V-neck t-shirts pair well with a wide range of footwear, from sneakers to leather boots and everything in between.

Monochrome Looks

Monochrome outfits have gained a lot of popularity recently. While most people prefer to contrast their clothing, monochromatic outfits look good. Pair your blue long sleeve t-shirts with blue denim and throw on a blue plaid shirt to complete the look. You can even opt for black printed t-shirts or graphic t-shirts and match them with black denim. Add black boots, and put together an incredibly stylish outfit!

Under a Button-Down Shirt

If you want to layer up, but it’s still too warm to wear a jacket, consider wearing a button-down shirt over your basic t-shirt. This will immediately elevate the outfit and make it look like you decided to put in some effort-even when you didn’t. Of course, you could keep it monochrome or go ahead and contrast the shirt and t-shirt. Often, men also prefer to layer their t-shirts with plaid shirts.

Reach for Trousers

Pairing your t-shirts with trousers can be a game-changer. You will look extremely well put together but also look trendy. As you experiment with this style, you will realise how effortless it is. You do not need to put too much thought into such an outfit. Pair this outfit with blazers and oxfords, and you will have achieved the perfect business casual look.


While accessorising is not entirely unheard of in men, most men do not tend to experiment beyond their comfort zone. However, adding small details to your outfit can make a difference. Add a silver chain or bracelet to your plain outfit and watch it immediately elevate to a more chic look. You could always add multiple rings to add some aesthetics to your outfit. As needed, you can wear them with bomber jackets, denim jackets, or cardigans.


As a man, looking fashionable is not that difficult. Additionally, you can easily enhance your sense of style with the right tips and tricks. If you are searching for branded t-shirts to up your fashion game, we at YC Qtee can cater to your needs and requirements. With a wide variety of options available at our store, you will not have to look beyond YC Qtee when searching for men's t-shirts online.

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