5 Ways to Wear Men's Graphic T-shirts

In the world of men's fashion, the graphic t-shirt has long served as a source of debate and controversy. Once upon a time, it was thought unfashionable to wear one after the legal drinking age had passed. In fashion, the pendulum swings as it often does. As a result, graphic t-shirts are making a comeback. Shirts with the Supreme box emblem retail for hundreds of dollars, and even high-end labels like Balmain are joining in on the fun.

Bootleg T-shirts

As soon as there's a trend that's taken too literally, an ironic parody will follow. As seen by brands like Homage t-shirts, which provide nostalgic throwbacks that transform you into a walking meme, we've seen everything. Bootleg brands have succeeded recently in the graphic tee market, but not in the original fashion. When sporting the bootleg appearance, opt for a pair of technical joggers and a pair of classic sneakers.


Wear a cool printed t-shirt over a shirt for some inspiration. If you're not a fan of the t-shirt-and-shirt combo, you may always wear one of your favourite printed t-shirts paired with a plain white shirt. The layering effect produces volume, making this style ideal for slim men. Your arms, waist, and rib cage will appear much more extensive than they are because of this method. It's now easier than ever to wear the t-shirts for men you've always wanted to wear without worrying about seeming too skinny.

Back Prints

Back prints are an excellent choice because they provide you with more space to display your artwork. A long-sleeved t-shirt with a tucked-in neckline is ideal for this print since it avoids obscuring the print by covering it with another layer. If you must wear a jacket, use a dark shade for the outer layer and a bold-coloured top to keep the look fresh.

Logo Prints

The logo printed shirt is the clearest example of the decade's influence on the current fashion. Streetwear staples like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies are being adopted by high-end fashion designers, who use vintage iconography and logos from their archives to make their shirts stand out from the crowd.

Choose a tee with a more eye-catching design for the ultimate Instagram-friendly statement. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to allow the logo to speak for itself, or wear it tucked inside a jacket for the ultimate smart-casual upgrade.

Casual Look

You want to seem stylish, but you also want to look like you might have put these clothes on in the parking lot after a morning surf session. There is nothing wrong with an old school Vans Old Skool or similar skate shoe on the bottom of your shorts, but don't go too overboard.

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