5 Differences Between A Jogger and A Track Pant

Joggers and track pants have become a fashion necessity in everyone's wardrobe. Whether styling it for a casual event or as a contemporary outfit, local or branded track pants and joggers are common. So, if you still do not have these clothing pieces in your closet by now, add them immediately.

But, before doing so, you must know how to differentiate between the two. So, to make your learning easy, below are the top 5 differences between joggers and track pants.

1. Material-

Track pants and joggers can be easily distinguished based on their material. Although both are loose-fitted bottom wear, the former is typically made of flexible polyester or nylon that is light-weighted and thin used best for great movement; the latter is made of light, breathable cotton or polyester material used by those for exercising and lounging.

2. Pattern Design-

Track pants, comparatively, are more fitted on the legs and loose around the waist area, while joggers are stretchy with elastic waistbands that look a little less baggy than track pants. Similarly, they have a narrow, fitted band, unlike the wide waistband design of track pants.

But, the most distinguishing feature between the two is that joggers cuff around the ankles. So, if you see cuffs at the bottom, you should understand that they are probably not track pants for men.

3. Length-

One of the best features of the best men's track pants is that the length can be customised. They can come in any length that you desire, unlike joggers, typically are based around the ankle. This helps track pants be more easily paired up with clothes for different events.

4. Comfort-

Regular track pant wearers have noted that they are provided with more flexibility and comfort wearing track pants than when they wear joggers. This could be the reason why track pants are everyday wear among those who wish to chill or lounge about. On the other hand, Joggers are a perfect item to wear during the winter season because of the thickness and warmth that they provide.

5. Mode of Wearing-

Both bottom wear pieces can be paired on different occasions, whether as part of casual wear or as fancy attire. But joggers are usually worn for more chill occasions than track pants. On the other hand, track pants have almost a universal mode of wearing, as you can wear them at any point of the day.


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