5 Common Materials Help to Make a Good-Quality Custom T-Shirt

Tirupur is a hub of the best t-shirt manufacturers. With t-shirts getting popular each passing day, the demand for them is increasing subsequently. Also, with the ease of online shopping, there is no stopping for the customers to get their hands on their favorite print. However, when you desire to buy Tirupur t-shirts online, print is not only the factor on which choice should depend.

T-shirts have undoubtedly turned out to be one of the most preferred garments overall time. Their styles and patterns have evolved along with the fashion trends. The quality of the material used in manufacturing the t-shirt is one of the primary factors that play a huge role in governing the t-shirt overall. Suppose you are searching for custom t-shirts for your business or your team; it is not enough to check if they look good because the quality matters too. Nobody would love to purchase a t-shirt that would be damaged after wearing it one time. So, to make sure that your t-shirts last long, you need to make sure of the quality.

While you order from a t-shirt manufacturer in Tirupur, you have to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality. The effectiveness of the designs of your custom t-shirts highly depends on the fabric used in the manufacture. The wearers of the custom t-shirts should not only look fabulous in them, but it is essential that they feel the same. To confirm the quality, it is vital to check the fabric that the Kolkata t-shirt manufacturer uses. Below are listed some of the materials that are best-suited when it comes to custom t-shirts:


Cotton is considered the king of the fabric world for a reason. It is a very popular material that is widely preferred for t-shirt printing. Cotton is primarily preferred for its softness, breathability, and comfort. Some popular types of cotton are listed below:

Organic Cotton

It is a bit more high-priced as compared to regular cotton. Organic cotton is free from chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers that are otherwise present in the regular version of cotton. This variety of cotton is 100% eco-friendly and is sustainable too.

Combed Cotton

This variety is passed through an added round of treatment before it is spun into a yarn. It is very soft, smooth, and is durable enough to ensure that your design stands longer.


This variety of cotton ensures a light and airy cotton fabric. It possesses a different texture and never clings to the body. The weaving process involved in its manufacture creates slight lumps in it.

Pima or Supima

This variety is popular as it is the highest quality of cotton. It comes with extra-long fibers that ensure softness and durability. This material even resists fading or stretching.

It hardly matters what type of cotton you choose because almost every variety is capable enough to absorb colors and paint. So, cotton would serve as the best bet if your printing involves water-based ink and you want your designs to have intricate details.


It is a synthetic fabric that is generally preferred when it comes to sportswear. It is more preferred for such garments because the material is comfortable and it dries quickly. It is pretty prone to shrink, but that quality deteriorates with multiple washing. Polyester is the ideal choice when it comes to transferring printing.

Poly-Cotton Blend

This is a mix of the two materials, as mentioned earlier. These materials' 50-50 ratio blend into a perfect blend of synthetic and natural fibers. It is also far cheaper than completely organic cotton fabric. It is prone to shrinking and is best suited for almost all techniques of t-shirt painting.


It is also a natural-sourced fiber that is ideally suited for clothes worn during the summer season. It is also considerably lighter in weight when compared to other fabrics. It is also more uncommon than the general materials preferred by t-shirt wholesalers in Kolkata for custom t-shirts. However, it can prove to be an ideal choice because of its moisture-absorbing capacity. But it is not ideally suited for all kinds of printing techniques.


It is a blend of three materials generally preferred for garments: rayon, cotton, and polyester. This fabric is advantageous because one material makes up for the other giving out the perfect end product.


If you are confused about choosing for your custom prints, this article must have proved to be a great help. Natural fibers are generally preferred when it comes to custom t-shirts. However, synthetic fibers have also put up to be a tough fight when it comes to comfort and sustainability. As we all know how famous Tirupur is for its vast stock of t-shirts, Tirupur clothes wholesale is the best-suited place to look for good quality custom t-shirts. However, you need to keep in mind that the printing technique greatly influences the choice you are to make for your custom t-shirts. So, choose accordingly to get the best results in the form of your desired custom t-shirts.

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